Join the RAIN Men’s Group

I am excited to share with you and invite you to be a part of this 4-week experiential men’s group.

This workshop will offer tools that aid men in identifying and healing the unhealthy and negative ways our minds can lure us out of the present moment and into destructive ways of thinking and feeling.  We struggle with so many triggers in our daily lives at work, home and any environment where temptation or discomfort awaits us.

The fight for being in the present moment and living from Love, Joy, and Peace is real and its being waged every second of every day!

Sign up today! Space is limited.

Each week we will be focusing on one of the letters in the acronym of R.A.I.N., which stands for:

Workshop Benefits

Studying these principles together will offer us knowledge and sharing within the group will offer us each other’s wisdom in how we have struggled in the past and succeeded and failed.  The intention is not to have all the answers, but to explore known philosophies along with personal stories of success and failures.

I am working on my next small group workshop roster. Just add your contact information in the form and I will reach out once we get to 10 guys. The cost for the four-week workshop is $400.

Please contact me directly by email, text or call (810) 691-3826 to register for this event, which is being limited to 10 men.

I am looking forward to a great experience for all.