Mark Beeman
Mark BeemanMA, CIFS Life & Professional Coach

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Hello, my name is Mark Beeman and I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing how we can work together to bring about blessings and changes in your life today.

I have been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for more than a decade, helping them discover and create a life they have been searching for.  When you make a choice to work on the areas in your life that have been holding you back or even making you unhealthy, there will be a natural resistance to exploring and trying new choices.  I promise you that these feelings are ones that impact anyone who is choosing a different path in life.  Change and Death are your only two guarantees in life and they are equally resisted, because they are one in the same, only Death is the ultimate form of change for a human.  Together, we can tap into your inner strengths and passions that make this dance with change one that allows you more clarity, confidence, courage and connectedness that you have never felt before.

As a Life and Professional Coach, I have an extensive background in working with Individuals and groups in the area of Addictions.  I also have an extensive background with working with individuals, couples and families with life issues, including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, GLBT, addictions, social skills, employment, communications, faith, self-awareness, self-acceptance, health, death and grieving to name a few.

Recently a client asked me to come help improve dynamics with her corporate management staff at a large fortune 100 bank. The client’s response was excellent, the workshop went well. I’m open to other opportunities in the corporate realm to help with interpersonal dynamics and trust/team building.

Please contact me today at 810-691-3826, so we can discuss how working together will bring about change that can open a new way of living for your mind, body and soul.

“I have been to many traditional therapists in my life and found some value in sessions. Mark has a presence about him that I feel deeply understood and safe to explore my biggest fears! He has helped me open up to struggles that I never even knew were hurting me in living.”
Pam L., Brighton, MI
“Without a doubt, the work Mark did with my son and I have saved our lives! So many struggles, that as a parent, I just didn’t know how to help my son and the more I tried the worse off he got. Mark worked with him and with me to help open us to new ways of seeing each other. Such an amazing healer!”
Eric K., Troy, MI
“Mark brings all of himself to our sessions. It is a feeling that I cannot find words to describe except loved and cared for. I have used many types of therapists in the past and Mark surpasses them all! I believe that without the work I did with Mark, I wouldn’t be alive today!”
Jamie N., Rochester, MI
“Mark worked with our family when our daughter was acting out and got into some legal issues. We were advised to get help and found Mark through a close friend. He was wonderful and created space where we all felt welcome and safe. We are forever grateful for all he did for us.”
Todd C., Rochester Hills, MI
“What started as therapy for my son, turned out to be a realization of how lost I was as a parent. Mark brought such a profound sense of safety to sessions that opened me to exploring my faith, that religion had turned me away from as a child. He is an amazing healer that I recommend to many people I meet.”
Katie R., Royal Oak, MI
“I was court ordered to get counseling after my third DUI. I resentfully sought out a counselor and started sessions with Mark. I have never felt so understood as I did in sessions with Mark. He was able to show me ways to turn my life around and truly embrace recovery!”
Brian G., Pontiac, MI

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